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Julian K. / El Cerrito, CA
Review Date : 12/08/2023
Yesterday we finalized our furnace installation with the building inspector checking it, and signing it off.
The furnace installation company sent a technician to be present, answer any questions the inspector had and made sure everything went smoothly. 
After getting quotes from five major companies we choose Atlas, they are local, over 100 years old, have an excellent reputation and came in $5000.00 cheaper then our next best choice which was Hassler.
 All my dealings with them were exemplary, their efficiency and good work was excellent. Our house now heats faster and cheaper than ever before.
I highly recommend them.

Ken N. / Berkeley, CA
Review Date : 10/24/2018
While waiting to hear back from friends in the Berkeley area for recommendations for a furnace inspection as I had put it off far too long since moving to Berkeley, I found Atlas Heating on yelp. I was impressed with the reviews and gave them a try. Scheduling an inspection was easy. Raymond was my assigned technician. Couldn’t have asked for better in upfront communication about timing during the window we set up to be aware of his arrival time, his obvious knowledge/expertise, commitment to great service, and politeness.

After his inspection he gave me a great run down of all of the aspects he checked and while my furnace turned out to be 25 years old, it showed no signs of an impending problem. I appreciate a firm that is not out to sell you a replacement or even try to get you thinking about that for the near future when it’s not needed. I also asked Raymond if he could check the wiring of my thermostat as I had installed it like 10 years ago and could not run just the fan, which would be helpful on those rare very hot days in Berkeley in a house without air conditioning and he fixed that right up. After having the service I wrote to friends in the greater Berkeley area to recommend Atlas and found one had used them to install a new furnace and another on the other side of the hills had strongly considered them. So, I will be using them annually for an inspection and will definitely give them first shot at a furnace install offer when that time comes. They certainly deserve the great reviews here.

Michelle W. / Piedmont, CA
Review Date : 03/13/2018
We have been loyal customers for years and I love this company as their service people are honest and prompt. Raymond serviced my heater today and replaced the old ugly thermostat.

Richard C. / San Francisco, CA
Review Date : 01/03/2018
I couldn’t be happier with the service I obtained from Atlas heating and Air Conditioning company!! They replaced an inefficient air conditioning unit and during the testing of the unit, it was discovered that duct work in the crawl space under the house had been damaged and needed to be repaired and in some instances replaced. This additional work was scheduled and the workman showed up on time and did an outstanding job, working in an uncomfortable environment. He even stayed until 6 PM in order to complete the job that day!!

Atlas also installed a heating unit for us several years ago and we were also highly pleased with their work on that occasion. Overall, I can’t say enough good things about the quality of their work.

Mary Jayne W. / Orinda, CA
Review Date: 03/26/2015

I wanted to thank you and commend the fine service I received from your technician Erick today. My 88 year old mother is living in the home she has resided in for 56 years. WITH the original furnace from 1938. It’s quite a house and quite a furnace.

I explained to Erick that I need to keep the furnace going for a little bit longer, to keep my mom home, safe and comfortable. To be honest, I was very concerned that if we had to replace the entire furnace, at an expense we cannot afford at this time since we are paying for my mom’s in home care, we may need to move her out of her home. It was a tremendous relief that he could solve the problem. He did a FABULOUS JOB! He was courteous, kind, and solved the problem – I was very impressed and very grateful. I understand your company has been in business a long time, and a lot of your “old timers” are retiring. Please know that Erick is a huge asset to your company and someone to be well taken care of.

Many thanks to him and to your fine company.

Ron P. / Moraga, CA
Review Date: 07/22/13

Really Good Service! After being away on vacation, our furnace blower did not work. Several others recommended that a new furnace was required because of its age and condition. I called Atlas for a second opinion and expected to wait, but within the hour, the technician arrived. Surprised and pleased with this great response, we also received the good news that a new capacitor would fix the problem and a new furnace was not required. What a relief!

The Atlas service person was very professional, explained each step of the process and stayed to make sure everything was working. In the future, Atlas gets the first and only call and has our utmost confidence and trust. We have had the overall system and the air conditioning checked and serviced by Atlas. Couldn’t feel better about the company or the service! Thank you Atlas.

AJ B. / Richmond, CA
Review Date: 06/02/13

Lisa, You helped me a while back get some information from Gary Moore, Atlas’s sales guy, with regard to a heater Atlas replaced for me in Oct/Nov 2010 in Point Richmond. Gary provided detailed information about costs associated with the heater to an attorney who was helping me get a home warranty company to pay for the replacement heater.

I just wanted to thank you both. I remember that Gary was dubious about our prospects based on his past experience with home warranty companies. It took a while, but please forward this to Gary and let him know that with his help, the heater has been paid for.

Again, thank you for your help, and please pass my appreciation along to Gary.

The heater is working beautifully, and I can’t say enough about the great customer service I always get from Atlas.

John N. / Albany, CA
Review Date: 12/30/11

I hope your 2011 is ending profitably and that 2012 will likewise favor the good business practices of your company. We just had a new heating unit installed in our little house in Albany and thought you’d like to know a few details of our experience from start to finish. We had an ancient Atlas floor furnace (dating from the 1930s, we think) that had been repaired a couple times, but after doing a bathroom remodel we thought we should push ahead w/ a central system.

I teach at the University of San Francisco, where writing evaluations of performance and recommendations is a typical part of the job. I can say that we were very pleasantly surprised with the degree of professionalism, courtesy, and solid work ethic we encountered in two of your employees, Mr. Bruce Trestrail (who did the initial estimate) and your installer, Eric.

For starters, Bruce spent over an hour doing an energy assessment of our 960 sq. foot house, including measuring windows and going under the house to look at all existing gas lines and space restrictions. He explained things in detail and with good humor, so it was easy to understand what we were getting into. His written estimate came within 24 hours of the initial meeting, just as he said it would.

By contrast, we did a second estimate with another established local heating company and their estimator spent about 20 min. poking around, did not go under the house, and then had to be prompted to send the estimate. It was about $1000 over your estimate of $7700, which is information you should find interesting.

The real “star” of this review is Eric (I’m sorry I didn’t get his last name). He faced some daunting space limitations and a challenging work area in the crawl space under the house, but he never once complained and worked diligently and carefully each of the four days he was at the house. He explained to us what he would do in advance, kept his work areas neat, and cleaned up at the end of each day (which we really appreciated, given that our “yard” is a half-lot), and never once objected to taking off his shoes when coming inside (another courtesy we greatly appreciated). He also was incredibly patient when, on the last morning, we decided to change the location of the register in our bedroom, causing Eric to once again go under the house to site a new placement.

A senior installer (whose name was Steve I believe) came by on the afternoon of the 3rd day to provide some backup but other than that, Eric completed the majority of the work. We would offer snacks and drinks but he politely declined saying that he wanted to keep working (without taking a lunch) and then leave around 3:30 or 4:00.

As a result of Bruce’s initial configuration of the job and Eric’s expert installation, we now have for the first time a centrally heated house where we can walk from room to room w/out bracing for blasts of cold air. We are most appreciative and hope you will acknowledge in some appropriate manner, the great service performed.

We thank you again, and wish you all the best for 2012.

Gay / Pleasant Hill, CA
Review Date: 07/23/10

Chris Martini arrived at about 2:43 pm on July 23 to repair a furnace that was installed about 1947ish in a crawl space – barely room enough to crawl in, mind you. Remarkably, Chris knew how little working space there was on his original inspection, but he returned, anyway. (Thank you)

In a very business-like manner Chris entered my home, (under reorganization) and began working. When the repairs were completed and Chris reemerged through that small opening, he patiently but thoroughly explained what had been repaired, complete with an example or two.

As much as I appreciated his clear explanations, I was additionally impressed with his clarification that a now old and corroded copper part was replaced with a flexible part that was more likely to withstand an earthquake.

My sincerest Thank You for your $405 repair, but especially your competent repairman, Chris Martini! What determined my calling Atlas was (your statement) “Our guys enjoy fixing a sixty-year old furnace…”

Igal / Oakland, CA
Review Date: 11/15/09

A little over a month ago you replaced my aging gas heater with a York high-efficiency unit at the address above. This is the third home I’ve owned, and so I have dealt with many contractors of all types over the years. None have ever exceeded the level of service and value that you provided, and precious few have come close.

All of the Atlas personnel I came in contact with, including Fletcher Tyler, Vivian Guiton, and Aaron Bright, were professional, courteous, and helpful. Mr. Bright, the installer, did clean, solid work that easily passed city inspection.

I plan to recommend Atlas on both Consumer’s Checkbook and Yelp.

Steve & Cheryl / Orinda, CA
Review Date: 05/14/09

Our sincerest thanks to all of you at Atlas for your outstanding service and installation of our new air conditioning and heating system. We got your company recommendation from the online Berkeley Parents Network, and three hours after sending an email (on Good Friday!) we received a phone call at home.

You sent us Mike Sherman who answered our many questions honestly, without that “hard sell” – that really clinched it. Ray, the installer is just top notch, Honest Electric the same. Mike has followed up at every segment of the work and we just could not be more pleased. (Just in time for the weekend heat wave – Yay!). We will be happy to recommend Atlas anytime.

Marelle/ Piedmont, CA
Review Date: 11/24/08

This is just a note to tell you that the gentlemen that came and helped me get rid of a very old furnace and put in a new furnace last week were wonderful!

Bruce Trestrail came and did well writing up the work order – he was great! Ray was excellent in spending so much time removing all the old furnace and putting in the new one! Bo came also, bringing in the new furnace equipment and taking away all the old furnace stuff! He was very nice.

You are very lucky to have such great gentlemen in your company. My new furnace works very well! Thank you.

N.E. / Oakland, CA
Review Date: 10/01/07

Enclosed is my payment for the heater I have purchased from you. This purchase was a major investment for me and I would like to say that there were a number of your employees who were exceptional in their work and helpfulness. Fletcher Tyler was the first representative from your company with whom I spoke and was the main reason I chose Atlas over the competitors. Fletcher was extremely helpful throughout the entire process, patiently explaining various flues and installation processes and up to the questions I had after the entire system had been installed.

Steve Black was the first person to come to my home for the installation process and he was so efficient and helpful in explaining each process and in keeping me informed about each days work. When I had questions or problems he was very willing and able to help in any way.

Ray Rainey was with Steve on the first day and even after the installation was finished has always helped with questions about running the system that was installed. With both Ray and Steve, I always felt as though they were knowledgeable and very helpful in sharing each step with installation and process through the job.

I would also like to commend Vivian in your main office for helping me sort out the bill and for sending me the additional receipt that was needed for my files. She was courteous and very thorough in her explanation of the bill.

I greatly appreciate all of the help that I have received from the staff mentioned above and would recommend Atlas in any future references.

Thank you for keeping my house and home a warm and comfortable place.

L. Dugan / Bay Area, CA
Review Date: 12/18/06

I would like to commend Steve Black and the young man (Zack) who assisted him in the installation of our heating and A/C unit.

They were very professional in their approach to the work and my family! Again, I thank you for your patience and understanding!

S. Cauchios / Walnut Creek, CA
Review Date: 10/17/06

This is just a note to say again, thank you very much for getting our furnace fixed and running well.

I guess it was a pretty tricky problem to find out just exactly what was wrong. But, Erick persisted and got it all going.

He is a fine young man and it was a great thing to have him around. You should be proud.

M. Hulse / San Ramon, CA
I just wanted to take a moment to send you a letter thanking you and your outstanding team for the great job they did at our home. We recently purchased a home in San Ramon and noticed that the heating was uneven on all three levels and knew from the previous owners that the AC unit was undersized for the home and never really cooled things off. In researching potential HVAC contractors to get a bid to help us fix the problem I came across a co-worker that had used your company with a similar problem at her home. She was so impressed with your team that I called and scheduled an appointment.

My first contact with Atlas was Gary Moore. In our initial review of the furnace, AC and ducting system used in the house he felt that a fix was possible, but being cautious, he wanted one of your technicians to come to do a complete review of the house to make a firm recommendation. Gary and I talked about a number of solutions, equipment and what we were looking for in our home. While he was still at the house, he called the office to set up a time for Ron to come out and do the review. Ron was very detailed in his review of the proposed solution (removing the entire HVAC system and ducting and replace with a 2 zone system). He crawled around under the house, in the Attic and in the Garage and once he was done, he reviewed all of his findings with me so that I understood exactly what approach he would be recommending to Gary.

After all of this preliminary work, Gary and I talked about the final solution, since this was going to be a big job, with the highest efficiency equipment I could get, I wanted to make sure all of the details were nailed down. One thing that impressed me a great deal was hearing that you were taking time from your day to come to our house and do your own review of the job (even crawling under the house and in the attic!!!). It is not often that I run into a President or other senior manager that takes that much of a hand-on approach to customer work.

The installation team (Vivian, Mark, Joe and Rob) were just outstanding. From the first morning of the job to the last detail to close things up, they were neat, on time and very attentive to detail in the complicated installation. I would get home at night and they were so neat, I never know they were there!

Congratulations to you on having such a great team. I will be a lifetime customer and I will refer anyone who needs HVAC work to Atlas with confidence.

S. Gregory / Oakland, CA
This letter is to thank you and everyone at Atlas Heating & Air Conditioning for the above and beyond service I received these past months. As a refresher, my husband (recently deceased) and I had a new air conditioner and furnace installed. As I was unable to be at home during the “instruction phase” of learning how to operate the thermostat, you were kind enough to have a technician come to my house and give me instruction on its use.

Also, I, as well as my husband, have always found everyone associated with Atlas Heating & Air Conditioning who have come to our home to either repair our old equipment or install new to be most professional, kind, and courteous. This really speaks well for the company and I have recommended Atlas to all my friends/ neighbors who may have future needs.

On a final note, because the wiring had to be cut from our spa to install the new air conditioner (due to the incorrect wiring of the spa that was connected to the old air conditioner, which is why they probably both had problems), I was getting outrageous quotes to rewire my spa. A call to Atlas provided me with my resolution. Joe from Honest Electric came out, examined the situation, and as of last week, re-wired my spa and everything is working great. All for a fraction of the cost of what the other electrical companies wanted to charge.

Again, thank you so much. At such a difficult time in my life, these things mean a great deal to me and I wanted to show my appreciation to you and everyone at Atlas Heating & Air Conditioning.

J. Owen / Concord, CA
I just wanted write and say how pleased I was with your service and follow up. Your company came highly recommended from a friend, whom I work with, as you also installed his system in his home in Walnut Creek. He overheard me talking about what companies to call for estimates to replace our system, and told me of two companies, but that he went with you and was very pleased with the equipment and service.

This great service started with Ronnie Johnson coming out for the estimate and evaluation. He evaluated our current system, and suggested what should be done, very professionally. He identified a dryer venting problem through the cold air return to be corrected when the new furnace and air conditioner would be installed. I felt he knew his business and was there to not just sell a furnace and air conditioner, but that we would have a good working, safe system. That service we did not get from the other two companies who gave estimates.

The three installers (Steve Black, Carey Toman and Bob Isbell) were also very professional and conscientious about installing our furnace and air conditioner. They communicated their schedule for the installation and were open to me whenever I did have questions. During the day I had to leave for a couple of hours and felt comfortable leaving my home with them there. I can’t say how comfortable I was at the end of the day when the job was completed that we had received a quality product and a quality, safe installation!!

Now you have another fan and I can’t tell you how positive and conscientious your employees were in meeting our needs. Thanks for the great service!

L. Leff / Oakland, CA
I wanted to write to comment on some recent work that your company did for me. Ronnie Johnson did the original estimation of the job, and he was extremely thorough and professional. He showed me a variety of things that were wrong with our current system, and took the time to explain what needed to be done and why. He was very cordial, and it was a pleasure working with him. He even recommended someone with whom we were able to secure an excellent deal for the financing of our home improvements.

I have a fairly significant antique collection, which is kept near the room where the furnace needed to be installed. I am not use to people coming through the house or needing to work around the items, and was a bit concerned about the prospect. Your team and the sub contractors were all very conscientious about the collection, and nothing was left out of place. Many of them also expressed an appreciation for the antiques, and asked about the history of some of the items. What started as a point of concern ended up being an enjoyable sharing opportunity.

With the recent variable weather, we have been able to enjoy both our new furnace and air conditioning. My thanks to your team for their excellent work and professionalism.

C. Cook / Kensington, CA
I‘m writing to thank you for the excellent job you did managing the installation of two new furnaces at my home. The estimate originally called for one furnace (a simple replacement of an existing furnace) and upgraded ductwork. But once you and the rest of the team began working under the house, it became apparent that the ducts were too small to carry sufficient heat to the newer part of the house, which had been added long after the original furnace and ductwork. Because the main duct could not be enlarged (it was under a poured concrete floor), we needed to install a second furnace at a new location. You were resourceful about finding appropriate locations for the new furnace and return air duct that wouldn’t intrude on our home’s interior or eat up closet space or require a minor remodel on our part.

The job expanded to twice the original estimated time and our home was full heating professionals dealing with new gas lines, electricity, a base for the new furnace, and so on. Throughout all the changes and accompanying details, you were professional, courteous and very knowledgeable, and you answered all my questions patiently and thoroughly. You kept the disturbance to a minimum, which I greatly appreciate because my home is also my office. I was able to continue my work undisturbed, and you even made sure the replacement furnace and rear ductwork were installed by the weekend so my husband and I had heat in the back of the house.

Our house is now wonderfully warm, and we are very happy with the new furnaces and ductwork. We will gladly recommend Atlas Heating and you to anyone who is in need of furnace or ductwork services.

D. Long / Moraga, CA
Dr. Mary Alice Murphy originally referred me to your firm for replacement of our furnace and air filter for an allergy problem. I subsequently had a new furnace, air cleaner conditioner installed by your firm in September-October 2000. Subsequent to that time they all worked perfectly until we fired up the furnace again for the first time in the fall of 2002. At that time my wife noticed that the gas in the furnace would shut off momentarily when it wasn’t supposed to, but then come right back on. The problem gradually increased in frequency and severity until we called your firm for service November, 2002.

Eric came out on the first service call, and thought he had solved the problem with a general cleaning and adjustment. He advised us to let him know if the problem persisted. When it did, he came back out and replaced a “pressure switch”. That did not solve the problem, and we were getting frustrated with the lack of steady and dependable heat. When we called again Corbin came out, and double checked everything, and decided it could only be the circuit board. He advised us that they very rarely required replacement. He came back out with your service manager, Amado, and replaced the circuit board.

We left for Colorado to visit our grandchildren the next day, and just returned on December 28. The furnace is now working beautifully. Amado has advised us that he believes that the replacement of the circuit board can be covered under warranty, even though it had recently expired, and has returned our second check.

The purpose of this letter is to thank you personally for the outstanding and persistent efforts of your firm and employees to solve our problem. They were all, very courteous, and certainly did their very best to solve our problem. You have one very satisfied customer. Please convey to each of them our personal thanks.

D. Dubose / Hayward, CA
I really appreciated Jim’s attention to the little details, like wrapping electrical tape around the wire nuts. It is the little things like that make me feel confident that I chose the right vendor.

Jim was very courteous and very professional in his work. There were no wasted motions. Keep up the excellent work.

Steve P / Orinda, CA
Review Date : 04/28/2023

While I have had excellent experiences so far with each of your employees, I want to especially commend Eric and Rodrigo who have been installing a new HVAC system at my home.  

They have been thorough, careful, very neat and professional in every way. While many residential projects of all kinds have their challenges, opportunities, and variables, not all trades personnel approach resolutions with the creativity and intelligence as Eric and Rodrigo have demonstrated.

To say the least, I am very impressed. They represent the very best of those I have worked with over the past 50 years in the HVAC discipline.
I am grateful and appreciative that Atlas and they are assisting me with our installation.

With warm regards,

Virginia C. / Orinda, CA
Review Date : 09/30/2018
My household heating unit has been replaced by Atlas Heating…done last week! The gentleman who came for the original meeting, Fletcher Tyler, was fantastic and had answers to all of my questions AND lots of information for me. The young man who took out the old heater and patiently installed the new one is named Joe…his attitude and demeanor was perfect at all times!! He worked by himself most of the time..not everyone is able to work by themselves. He was great!! Would highly recommend this company to anyone…very competitive as well!

Mark G. / San Francisco, CA
Review date: 07/29/2018
They came out on time and did the job right. Nick was very careful and cleaned up after himself. I’ve been having bad luck with contractors lately so this was a nice surprise.

MJ / Oakland, CA
Review Date : 07/01/2016
I am writing to commend you on your customer service availability and expertise. I have professional offices in Oakland. I was having trouble understanding how our Heat/AC thermostat works in our Oakland Office. Our system has been problematic because their are different temperatures in each of our offices and we are trying to make everyone comfortable. I called to ask for an explanation of the settings and possibilities with our current thermostat. I was put through to Eric, in the Parts Department, after speaking with your receptionist.

Eric was extremely thoughtful, professional and helpful. I needed to know a few basic things about how the settings for Heat and Air-conditioning and the FAN work in order to program our thermostat correctly. Though our landlords probably do not use Atlas and I am not a current Atlas Customer, Eric took 5-10 minutes to talk with me and answered ALL my questions. He saved the day – he was very knowledgeable and explained things in a clear concise way. Because of his advice, we now know how to program our thermostat!

Eric is a gem! I can’t praise him and your company enough. This is simply excellent customer service. I will keep Atlas in mind for any future heating/AC needs.

Anonymous / Oakland, CA
Review Date: 01/03/14

Thank you for Atlas‘s extraordinary responsive service during Christmas week. I thought Atlas’s crew‘s “let’s get this fixed now” attitude and expeditious handling of repairs, with skill, dispatch, courtesy and cheerfulness, was something that only happened in dreams. What was extraordinary? I called for a service appointment when my water heaters flooded the basement floor and drowned the furnace’s condenser pump. Everyone, I‘m sure, was dismayed the new pump failed so soon. Atlas’s business-like and sympathetic, humane response to an uncomfortable, unfortunate situation left me both warm and with warm feelings.

  • Atlas gave me an appointment in a few days, not weeks,
  • You called to let me know when Aaron was running a bit late, and apologized for the inconvenience;
  • Aaron installed the pump quickly, in a safer location and wired it so that it would shut off the furnace if the pump failed (this was good, in that it would prevent flooding if the pump failed, but sad because the pump failed within 2days);
  • Two days later, when the pump failed and turned off the furnace,
  • your dispatcher expedited sending Ian who replaced the defective pump that very morning… under warranty.
  • Atlas’s staff (collectively) were very sympathetic, kind and businesslike.
  • Your dispatchers understood “impaired furnace” (let’s get this scheduled) versus “no heat” (let’s fix it now!)
  • Your installers were courteous, cheerful, skilled and took pride in showing me their repairs and seemed pleased to describe their work to me.

Thank you most sincerely for your help. Atlas Heating and Air Conditioning Company is business I will not hesitate to recommend.

Rosemary M. / Concord, CA
Review Date: 06/14/12

You have such a great employee in Aaron. Atlas is very fortunate to have him working for you.

He is very competent and a very hard worker, he just goes and goes, taking very few breaks if any. He was so busy; there‘s so much to this job, it’s much more than I expected. Aaron is precise and really knows what he is doing. He’s also kind.

Lisa D. / Berkeley, CA
Review Date: 06/14/12

We have heat! It went splendidly, we have heat, it’s perfect, and as always, I swear, you find the best possible people: nice, nice, nice guy, just did a beautiful job.

He found all kinds of issues from the prior install, and corrected all of them, and really did a wonderful job. It was without question the usual Atlas A+ quality. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I truly appreciate it.

Beth / Oakland, CA
Review Date: 05/25/11

Everything was A+++. In fact, I had you all back a month or so ago to service a wall unit in the lower level of my home.

Fletcher and all of your installation/service crew have been fabulous. Paperwork was a dream – huge thank you’s on that one!

Please do use me as a reference any time. Several of my friends/neighbors recommended you for the new heating system.
Many years ago you installed, as I recollect, the wall unit mentioned above.

Cynthia / Oakland, CA
Review Date: 12/29/10

Furnace did not fire up at start of winter. A service call (with another company) resulted in recommendation to replace furnace instead of repair it due to age. Got 3 estimates. Atlas was competitive with another estimate, however became the lowest bidder with 10% recession discount, $200 preseason rebate, and $190 union rebate that others did not offer. Lowest price did not mean low quality work.

It is hard to imagine that any company would outperform Atlas’s service. Atlas was my first estimate. As I become more knowledgeable, I called the cell number the estimator provided to ask follow-up questions. Both times, he returned my calls promptly and answered all of my questions. When another job needed to be rescheduled, he called to schedule me in the now open time slot to help ensure the work would be complete before my summer break ended. When the old furnace was removed, the installer found a huge rats’ nest and two dead rats. He removed all of this and disposed of it for me. He also did work to increase airflow at no additional charge that others had recommended and for which one company billed extra. Where other companies made it sound like they would be doing special things to improve installation/efficiency, Atlas just did them as part of the job. Following installation, Atlas helps with the paperwork for all the available rebates (currently union, PG&E, and state) and explains the available federal tax credit.

From start to finish, the people at Atlas were professionals who did their job well and tried to make it as easy as possible for the customer to have the best possible experience.

David / Oakland, CA
Review Date: 11/12/10

I will highly recommend Atlas to friends/others for heating and air conditioning projects of all types, due to my experience with them:

Gary was a very personable individual with a relevant background and extensive HVAC experience. He provided recommendations and answered many questions in a direct manner at the job site. Timely information was later provided to me by phone and e-mail.

Aaron was very knowledgeable and did a nice job removing the original large Atlas gas furnace from a tight enclosure. He performed well-planned and precise installation of the new furnace. He readily accepted and evaluated comments and suggestions from me and responded fully to many questions.

Vivian Guiton did an outstanding and timely job assembling and packaging for ease of use all the paperwork and forms necessary for the Union, PG&E, California Federal Rebates/credit (even including “Sign Here” stickers). I had no questions regarding any of the forms and received all the rebated with no problems in a reasonable time.

Atlas has an excellent overall reputation and has provided quality products and services for many years in the City of Oakland. Atlas treats potential customers and clients with respect.
Thank you!

Zina / Oakland, CA
Review Date: 06/14/10

I wanted to say that I’m delighted with the efficiency of the new furnace, and by the resulting PG&E bills!

I selected Atlas Heating and AC because of your long history in the business and the attention paid during the estimation process. My estimator, Hunter Tuck, was excellent in terms of his level of knowledge, his follow up and his competitiveness of pricing. The Atlas installation crew was punctual and super friendly. They all took good care of my home and gave me a very high quality job. Thanks for explaining the thermostat so well. You may use me as a reference any time.

Jeanene / El Cerrito, CA
Review Date: 02/19/09

I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the effort, skill and professional qualities from your workforce on a job that was recently done in El Cerrito. It is not often that one has such a successful interaction with everyone from a contractor, starting with the Estimator and going through the entire staff that was used in the project.

Having managed various apartment complexes in the El Cerrito area for nearly 20 years,
I have had the opportunity to deal with various different trades from time to time. I believe that in this instance, I have seen an outstanding service and quality workmanship that deserve recognition.

When I was researching and getting bids for the job, only your Estimator, Mr. Bruce Trestrail took the time to analyze all available options and to “think outside of the box” to address our concerns and requirements.
Next, the men doing the relocation of the heating and air conditioning unit moved it without damage to either the unit itself or the structure. The new ductwork was done in a manner that had little impact on wall and ceiling space and was then enclosed in a way to make it as unnoticeable as possible.

Lastly, the jobsite was left clean and uncluttered at the end of each shift.

All of this was done in an expedient manner and at a cost that was, in my opinion, very reasonable. Thanks again for a job well done.

M.E. / Oakland, CA
Review Date: 04/02/08

I wanted to take a moment to write and thank you for the recent heating installation you completed at our house. Bruce gave us the estimate and answered all of my many questions!

Ray and Eric did a wonderful job of installing the heater and all the duct work, and they always came on time and were very courteous. Mike and Vivian answered my questions and phone calls in a timely manner.

My husband and I love the heating – Our house is so comfortable now! Just wanted to thank you all for ensuring that a decent heating system was installed in our home.

J. Richards / Oakland, CA
Review Date: 06/01/07

I am writing this letter to thank Atlas and its staff for their excellent service in installing a new heating system in my home. I highly recommend Atlas to anyone needing heating or cooling work. Here are some of the reasons:

  • I had many questions about what heater and what extras to purchase, questions about efficiency, rebates, and different types of system filters. Mike Piasente promptly returned my calls and answered all of my questions. Mike did not try to sell me the most expensive products, but helped me decide what fit based on my expectations and my home. In the end, I felt very confident that I had selected the system that was appropriate for me.
  • Atlas’s estimate was clear, and I understood exactly what I was paying for.
  • Atlas installed the heating system right on schedule. In fact, installation was completed a day earlier than Atlas had predicted.
  • The Atlas employees installing my system, including Mark Nelson, were very professional and knowledgeable. They were very careful in my home and cleaned up after their work every evening. When the job was completed, they left no waste or debris behind. Everything was neat as a pin.
  • Atlas obtained the permit and scheduled the final inspection. My new system passed inspection without any problems.

Thank you Atlas for your excellent service!

C. Debattesta / Walnut Creek, CA
Review Date: 10/23/06

Just a note to let you know of the excellent service I received from one of your employees, a Mr. Eric Steffensen. PG&E came out prior to light the furnace (pilot), but the person was not familiar with Atlas furnaces.

Mr. Steffensen arrived promptly on time he designated, and quickly and efficiently accomplished all the work required, and some extra.

Our furnace is now working better than it has in the past. Mr. Steffensen is a great asset to your company.

B. Nakagawa/ Dublin, CA
Review Date: 10/06/06

About a month ago, one of your technicians came out to my residence for a service call. I believe his name was Ian. First plus: he was courteous, friendly and informative. My home had been previously visited by a home inspector who gave me a list of problems with the HVAC. Your technician repaired several of those problems and informed me that some on the list were not really a problem. Second huge plus, he was honest. While I had previously gone into the crawl space to see what I could find and clean the area, I could not access the plenum, where one supposed problem was.

The tech informed me there was rust, but no structural damage or leakage of air. HE COULD HAVE TOLD ME ANYTHING! While going through the other repairs, another different issue arose with the possible rusting through of a pan beneath the heater. Further tests, which I could only guess at the results underneath in the crawl space, proved the pan was O.K. Again, I could have been shafted, but was not.

The work completed on my home was friendly, honest, professional, and thorough. I could not ask for anything more. Thank you very much, your company is to be highly commended!

Anonymous / Walnut Creek, CA
I wanted to thank you for outstanding customer service and for fitting us in. Fletcher went above and beyond the call of duty to get the service department out here and also reserved a quick installation spot just in case, since my 95 year old mother is coming on Monday.

Eric was out here and recommended repairing the unit rather than replacing it. It’s clear that you have a lot of integrity. The technician from the other company that was here yesterday seemed nice, but his recommendation was 180 away from yours, very expensive repairs and he suggested a new furnace. You have a customer for life and we will sure call you when we do need that new furnace.

We run a company too and the value of a company starts with the values set by the owners. You’ve really earned my praise and respect.

J. Mulgrew / Oakland, CA
You just replaced my Golden Gate furnace , plenum and ducts. I really appreciated my estimator, Mike Sherman as he was very good at explaining everything to me before the installation started. Both installers were also professional and helpful. Eric Steffenson from the service department came out a few days later and since I am a “show me” kind of person, he answered a whole list of questions I had methodically prepared. He was did it step by step, in a very patient way. I’ve been a teacher for 42 years, so I can grade explanations, and this one was great. Vivian Guiton in the permit department was also very helpful with all her calls.

The head inspector from the Oakland mechanical inspection department was here today and told me you used all the right materials; he loved your duct work. He actually said, “Atlas uses the top stuff, not outdated or reused material. These are signs of a perfect installation.” He pointed out all the markings on the outside of the ducts to show me what he meant. He then went out to the fuse box and said he approved of how Atlas marked it in a detailed manner. He went into garage, noted silver tape was used and then checked that the gas piping was installed correctly. He checked the condensate pipe, and pronounced it properly installed. This inspector said Atlas has been around a long time and does the work right. Needless to say, your job passed inspection.

I also love the way the furnace is all programmed, I don’t have to do anything.

M. M. B., PhD / Oakland, CA
The service man that performed the semi annual check of the heating/ ac equipment this morning was exceptionally thorough, detail oriented, polite, efficient and pleasant.

Since I do work from my home in the mornings, it is very helpful to have a perceptive service person: one who is aware of the demands of business and doesn’t intrude. Please convey my appreciation and schedule this young man to do the next check up on my service contract.

G. Montoya / Lafayette, CA
It has been a pleasure working with you and Atlas Heating. From the first contact with Gary Moore, I was impressed with the responsible, professional attitude of everyone from Atlas.

Mr. Bright was very careful in his installation. He made sure ducts were placed to maximize room and unit efficiency. He was helpful in explaining the principles of the system he was installing, and was interested in placing the unit to best utilize the space and maximize the unit efficiency. Mr. Bright and his helper were very careful to keep the work area of the house clean. They worked quietly in my home so I was not disturbed in my home office.

I am extremely pleased with the Trane system and the neatness of the installation. Most importantly I was satisfied that the work was performed on schedule and according to contract, a rarity in these days of cut rate heating and air conditioning companies. The bid I received from Atlas was not the lowest, in fact it was the highest. I went with Atlas for I know they are the best and have a reputation to uphold. I was not willing to jeopardize my most valuable investment, my house, with a second-class installation or a cheaper model system. I was not willing to take a chance on an unknown company. This is my third Atlas system.

I will recommend your company to anyone seeking the best in home heating and air conditioning systems and the best most efficient hassle free installation.

D. Holland / Oakland, CA
Having never before written a letter like this, it gives me great pleasure to t ell you what a satisfying experience I recently had with Atlas. I‘ve needed a new furnace for several years now, and kept putting it off primarily because I didn’t know who to call. I toured an open house a month or so ago on Rockwell Street in Rockridge, and noticed a flawless looking furnace. I wrote down the name from the installation sticker, and called Atlas.

Let me tell you about the experience:

  • I was immediately given an appointment for an estimate.
  • Ronnie Johnson showed up (early) for the appointment. He went over the entire house, crawled under the house to the old furnace, and reviewed everything with me in detail. He pointed out what was still in good shape, what could be reused, and the exact furnace I needed. He asked me when I wanted to have it installed, he got on the phone, and it was scheduled within minutes.
  • Mark Nelson showed up at 8:30 on the first day of the installation. He introduced himself, explained what he was going to do, and went to work over the next three days. Being around a lot during the installation, I was able to see the care and attention he paid to the job – it was obvious from start to finish that he genuinely cared about doing a first class job. He recommended a couple of additional improvements, which I readily approved, and he thoroughly explained everything he did. Like Ronnie, he was a pleasure to deal with.

The whole experience was really a surprise. I’ve has a lot of work done to my house, and have never had everything go so smoothly. So, either these guys are exceptions or you’ve built a truly great company – either way, I really appreciate the work. Feel free to use me for a reference anytime.

H. Burla / San Leandro, CA
The Atlas Heating and A/C installation crew was experienced and knowledgeable.

Frankly, we were worried about casual labor unskilled and “hack job” mentality which is how our original Trane furnace was installed in the early 80’s which we bought direct from Trane. Cheap installation of unprotected ducts with tape that fell off and the ducts fell off onto the ground before the first winter!

This year Atlas was first-class all the way employing Union-certified people who were skilled and knew what they were doing and installed with metal encased ducting attached to floor outlets with screws and metal (not tape!) plus thorough testing of the equipment. When the A/C didn’t work because of a microscopic leak, they were out here right away to rectify the problem and ran extensive tests to make sure everything was in working order.

C. Morrison / Piedmont, CA
From (the) beginning, first call to completion of the job, it was one of the nicest, most professional jobs I’ve ever had done. Jim Hillis gets my highest praise – knowledgeable, highly skilled and a personally wonderful man – left everything neat and clean – unobtrusive. Mr. Gary Moore also gets high praise – explained everything thoroughly – no hard sell – just complete information.

My past experiences (with only a few exceptions) have not been pleasant and your firm stood out from first call to completion. The receptionist who took my calls was friendly and helpful – thanks to all your staff.

And, best of all – for the first time since I’ve lived here (35 years) I have been comfortably warm without having to stand in front of a register to get warm.

S. Burgess / San Ramon, CA
Just a note to thank you – and to tell you how very pleased I am with the service of Eric Steffensen yesterday.

First, thank you for your quick service and the help of your dispatcher (whose name I don’t remember – sorry!). My air conditioner stopped working on the hottest weekend of the year and you were able to have someone out here the following Monday. Your dispatcher was kind, courteous, and kept me informed of the possibilities of someone’s being able to be here, calling both my home and work numbers with information.

I am also very pleased with all the work Eric did – and the way he did the work. He kept me informed of each change or possibility throughout the several hours he was here. He explained possible problems. He worked at length on the wiring on the furnace and air conditioner. He checked parts and motors and other equipment I know nothing about and was informed, respectful, pleasant, and knowledgeable. He was in and out of the house, upstairs and down, on one of the hottest days of the year – without complaint and without cutting short any of his work.

Thank you, Atlas, for wonderful, dependable service.

G. Swallow / San Leandro, CA
My estimator thoroughly explained all options without pushing. He inspired my confidence in Atlas.

My installers, Bob Isbell, Mark Nelson, and Don Barber had very professional attitudes and results. They found the best solution for a difficult installation. They demonstrated excellent craftsmanship.

G. Hickmon / Danville, CA
We are very pleased with the furnace and air conditioner installation. Don, your installer, completed the work in a very professional manner and left the job site in good order and completely clean condition.
Clarence M. / Pleasanton, CA
Review Date : 05/31/2018
We were in the market for a new AC and furnace. We got a few quotes and eventually went with Atlas. They helped up get a 2500$ rebate from the state, no other company even mentioned that. They came every morning worked hard all day and left the house cleaner than when they came. Very friendly, very professional. It was like they weren’t even in the house. When the job was done everything works great. Definitely will recommend Atlas heating to anyone.